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To paint is above all ....

to create, to undertake,

to let yourself be guided by the material and the pleasure of the gesture,

to establish an intense dialogue between the canvas and your self

to be in search of emotion, sensation, balance and boldness


My last work, is about what is missing
How do you improve, how do you progress
It is about the mind
How it grows progressively, what do you feed it, how do you cultivate the mind
It is about choices , about having the bravery and the strenght to make those things come to if you're wishing
It is about a pause, a break, a interruption in the transmission, a stop in the space-time continuum,

a choice that you will always make, a moment in being when you realize that you are what you are searching for

I am painting for more than 20 years and today I have the pleasure to show my work at Sablon d'art gallery - 2 place du Grand Sablon - Brussels - (


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